all natural facial toner rosewater orange alcohol-free

Our toner’s a trooper.  It goes everywhere...home, gym, vacation, camping.  It does everything….nourishes, disinfects, calms, revitalizes.  Who couldn't love organic rosewater, vitamin C, sweet orange and lemon?  It seems one is never enough!

“I use it daily."
“Makes a great gift.
“My acne cleared up.”
“My skin has never looked better.”
“It freshens the room.”
“After gardening…so cool. I keep mine in the fridge!”
"I spray mine on my deodorant stone instead of water!"
“I’ll take four please.”

We whisk the blend by hand, line up the bottles like proud soldiers,
carefully pour, and diligently ID each one.  

Voila! More toner for you.
Thank you for loving our facial toner.

What's your favorite way to use our facial toner?