This is not the first time we have extolled our shea butter, proudly purchased from a co-op in Burkina Faso, ‘women’s gold fair trade butter'.  Summer is the perfect time to remind you not to forget about shea.  Winter cold and summer sun demand protection.

“Your butters are the best shea I have ever tried”, exclaimed one eager customer.  I took it on vacation to the Dominican and my entire family begged me to share it.   A day in the sun, a shower and a body buttering is the perfect day!”

It is also a good idea to apply the sheamu butter before heading outdoors.  All naural oils have SPF factors and help offer protection against nature’s elements. Shea comes from the majestic karite tree. The fruit nut is extracted, dried and ground into a fine paste of shea butter.  Burkina Faso’s dry and dusty climate makes their shea the ideal daily skin treatment.  It protects against the harsh elements, leaving the skin supple, soft and well nourished.

We continue to have miraculous feedback on our Sheamu Butter (our own original mix of Shea and Emu oil) and our Shargan Butter (Shea and Argan oil).  Our butters are off -white in colour and retain the natural nutty scent of shea.  This natural scent is always present in unrefined shea, unlike the white, odorless refined version.  Most people like the earthiness of the scent.  If for some reason you do not, rather than purchase a refined shea, simply add a drop or two of your favourite essential oil, like lemongrass, clove or lavender.  This way you can still benefit from the total natural shea nutrition.

We sell our butters to help you moisturize and soothe the skin.   Our butters are also great hair conditioners and or treatments for hair and scalp.  An easy wash out too! But if you look at the medicinal uses of shea itself, you will discouver that it has been used successfully to treat skin conditions, like eczema and psoriasis.  It also has anti-inflammatory properties and makes wonderful massage butter.  It is exceptionally soothing on minor cuts and scrapes.

If you wash with a natural soap and then shea butter your body, it need not be done daily. Without the formaldehyde which is very drying on the skin, and surpluses of alcohols common to many body lotions, pure, unrefined original shea’s moisturizing properties lasts longer.

I remember one customer calling to order her favourite  ‘Sheamu Butter’.  She said, “It is the first time in 20 years that I have seen a difference on my leg scars from an earlier car accident.”   

Sometimes the texture of the shea varies a little from batch to batch.  This is normal in a natural product.  Depending on the temperature you may have to melt it for a minute or two against your skin to warm it enough to spread.  But it is worth the extra effort.  Feed your our skin well and it will love you.




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