PFAS are forever. They may be in your shoes. You may be wearing them in your jacket or coat. Especially if water or stain resistance is desired. PFAS’s are in our food packaging, lubricants, carpeting, waxes, non-stick cookware. These polyfluoroalkyl substances make products water, stain and heat resistant.  Unfondly called ‘forever chemicals’, lasting for years. Decades. And they are found in our cosmetics too.

PFAS accumulate. In animals, and humans. They are linked to cancer and birth defects, obesity, liver disease, thyroid disruption. They can also decrease our immunity. Hardly reassuring at this time. They are airborne. We breathe them in.  

Since PFAS can be absorbed through the skin we must ask “Are we wearing PFAS’s in our cosmetics?” The answer is ‘yes’. Sometimes, depending on the brand we chose. PFAS are NOT required to be listed on labels, making it difficult to sleuth.

A study, reported in The Guardian a few months ago, was done on certain cosmetic companies to see whether or not they used these ‘forever chemicals’. We did not find out which companies used PFAS , only that some did. I decided not to list the companies tested because not all used PFAS and the study refused to say which ones did use PFAS.  But you can check it out if you like.  As consumers, this still leaves us pretty much in the dark as to whether the product we purchase contains the ‘forever chemicals.’ 

PFAS have jobs. Waterproofing. Stain resisting. Wrinkle-freeing. In the clothing items, the danger to consumers is deemed low health risk. But not necessarily so in cosmetics.

The job of PFAS in cosmetics is as follows:  Wear-resistance as in  lipsticks and foundations. Waterproofing in  mascara, eyeshadows, and eye creams. Other uses in cosmetics might be to  improve durability, spreadability and absorption into the skin. 

Makeup is worn for beauty, as a cover up, protection, a job requirement, or maybe by habit.

We have customers who wish to rid themselves of makeup. They are prepared to go through a wee bit of a transition period…to clear the skin, knowing it won’t happen overnight.  The toxins present in the skin need time to be released. To help ease the transition, use only truly natural skin care to cleanse and moisturize.  

But if make up is just a part of you, try companies that do not contain the ‘forever chemicals’. We found three companies listed that DO NOT  contain PFBS. Annmarie Skin Care, Credo, H&M. 

While Earth to Body does not create any make up products,  we do offer all other natural skin care. PFAS-free. One such product is our Revitalizing Eye Oil, which by the way has proven extraordinary all over the face.  If you come into the shop, just mention you read about our PFAS free skin care in the Montreal Times or on our site  and you shall receive a 10% off on any purchase. Offer for in-store only and good until Xmas 2021! .It can be fun to GO CLEAN. Forever.