cold water shower

We often tout the benefits of a cold shower, cold water. Years ago I wrote about the cold in   ‘Go Cold so no Cold’.  It’s winter. It’s flu season.  It’s time to remember cold can be good.

Be 2, or 3 or 4 years old in Siberia. Have your parents take you outside and rub you down with snow.
You do not get the cold or flu.

Or live in Sweden. Have your parents pour very cold water on your head.
This is a routine. Especially during flu season.
So no flu.

Be an adult. Take the cold showers, or snow rubs, or cold lake dips alone, or with friends. 
Take your children with you.

In these countries, cold showers are normal.
In these countries, a cold or flu is not so normal.

Now, live here.
Canada, USA.
Where we are spoiled with hot water. Where ‘Hot’ is the norm.
We luxuriate in a hot showers. Long, hot showers.
And baths. Bubbles and fun.
Warmth and comfort.

A perfect mix for cold and flu to dive right on in.

Learn about it. 

Whether winter, spring, summer, fall, remember the cold.  Let's embrace it and be healthier!

Go cold.
So no cold.