"Salt is bad for you."
"It increases blood pressure." 
"It absorbs the water from your system."
"Salt causes kidney stones."

Has this ‘salt shocking’ duped us all?   Table Salt is indeed a culprit and confirms the necessity of salt warnings.  But salt is not all salt.

Salt, as we commonly know it, NaCl or sodium chloride is used everywhere and in everything.  There are more than 14,000 uses for salt from deicing our winter roads, to industrial applications of soaps, detergents, plastics, PVC’s, to consumption in common Table Salt.  The ‘salt warnings’ are against Table Salt. 

This type of salt, NACL, is the table salt in all processed foods and common in restaurant salt shakers.  It is a villain in our body.  This pure sodium chloride does cause high blood pressure.  Excess of this villain can cause kidney stones and gall bladder issues.  Reduce your intake of this type of salt.   Instead consume true salt.

Nature’s true salt contains 84 trace minerals essential and vital to our health.  In the study of the Roman Empire we learn the soldiers were paid in ‘ white gold’, precious salt.  Thus the word ‘salary’ and the expression ‘worth one’s salt’. As water is fundamental to our physiology, so is natural salt.  Like Himalayan.  Celtic. Think of the beach. The salt air. The salt waters.  How good you feel. How your skin thrives.  Nature's Spa.

Since our goal is to ‘Feed Your Skin’, we have some wonderful salt treats for you.

Himalayan Rock Crystals for scrub, bath and deodorant.
Dead Sea Salt Spa for the bath, and if desired, as a shower exfoliant.
Manitouka Scrub  (salts from Saskatchewan’s Lake Manitou) for all over body.   It will be the best scrub you have ever tried.

* Soak in a relaxing salt bath.  About 4 T.
* For added magnesium blend about 2 T of Epsom salts to 2 T of our Dead Sea Salt Spa, our Himalayan salts, or our Manitouka Scrub. 
* Dissolve about 1 T. of some Himalayan Rock Crystals in warm water to make a toner for the skin.
* Add some honey to a sea salt-water poultice to soothe eczema and psoriasis

Earth to Body believes in salt that is ‘worth its weight in gold’. The good salt.  The real thing.




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