Don’t you love September? The kids (or grandkids) are back in school. The leaves are starting to tease us with change. The air is cool and fresh with the scents of fall.

Not time yet to think of winter tires or heating bills. The holiday season is just far enough away you need not stress. You are still surrounded by beautiful autumn hues and perfect rays of sunshine.

Time to relax on the deck or balcony with chamomile tea.

The last growing month for chamomile is September so it is a perfect time to celebrate this nutritiously healing herb.

Cold and sinusitis season is looming and chamomile can help. You can also alleviate the symptoms of hay fever and asthma,or that nasty pink eye
If you have your own plants, pick the flowers 3-5 days after they appear. Dry them. Pour a handful of the dried flowers into boiling water and inhale the steam. Oh, to breathe again.

Of course sipping the tea is so relaxing. Double up. Sip the tea in a chamomile bath! Fight off that cold, relieve muscle and menstrual cramps and experience the calm. Click here  for all the ‘how to’s’ and ‘what for’s’ on chamomile.

Make chamomile a part of your September… and October, November, December....hmmm… not a bad habit to get into.