We like to share interesting stories with you about customer encounters, testimonials, and our handmade natural skin care products.
The following article refers to our famed Sheamu Butter.

   "I just wanted to take some time to thank you for helping to make my feet look normal again. I had an amazing experience with your sheamu butter product that I purchased at the Marshville Heritage Festival in Wainfleet earlier this month. I work on boats so my feet are constantly wet. My heels started to crack so bad that they were starting to open up. The day that I went to the Marshville Festival with my mom she actually had to bandage my feet because they were so bad that I had a limp when I walked. One of your staff was so wonderful and suggested we try the sheamu butter. By day 2 of using it, I was already starting to notice it healing, and I didn't have to limp anymore. I use a little bit of this butter on the heels of my feet every day and the change is incredible how much it has helped. I have been suggesting this product to everyone I come across that has had the same problem as me. Big thank you to your team."  K.S.  Wainfleet, ON

We thanked Kathleen for sharing her experience with us.  You may also have ‘foot issues’ and can relate to her story. We have received many accolades on the Sheamu Butter for nourishing the skin. The feet are often one of the worst areas for dryness, skin cracks and irritations, and as we need them for mobility, this can be very debilitating.  Unrefined Shea is very different from the white, odorless refined shea usually found on the commercial market.  The ‘effective’ agents are also removed in the refining process so we prefer to use only unrefined shea. We import Fair trade certified and organically grown shea from a co-op in Burkina Faso in Africa where the natural shea butter is produced.  Unrefined shea is off-white, has a characteristic nutty scent and maintains its moisturizing and nutritious healing properties on the skin. It can be used all over the body!  We have friends who actually work at the co-op and have met the many women who work there harvesting the shea butter.  It is the Fédération NUNUNA.  If interested in knowing where we source our shea, you can read about it in our blog  'Women's Gold'.  

The unrefined emu in our ‘Sheamu’ butter allows for a deeper penetration into the skin, enhancing the properties of the shea itself.  Without any added chemicals our product is pure nutrition and this is one of the reasons it works so well.  Our Sheamu butter can be used body wide and testimonials show it soothes itchiness and alleviates many chronic dry conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. It also makes a wonderful hair conditioner and scalp treatment. 
             We certainly DO know it has rescued many people’s feet.  You will not be disappointed.