“Welcome to our Skin Nutrition Chat Centre.  My name is Heidi and I am your consultant for today. Once you peruse the menu and decide what skin samples you would like to try, we can begin testing.”

Miriam and Tracy sat down as Heidi brought them their coffee and tea orders. The two women scooped up the menus and perused  the various headings for the Skin Care Offerings.

Pure and real Cleansers
Healthy Oral Care

Main Courses
Creamy Moisturizers
Delectable Oils 
Buttery Spreads

Spa Delights 
Travel Must Have’s
…and more


Tracy looked up. “I need a new face regime. I plan to toss out all my products that are not doing what I want and listen to what Heidi suggests. I ‘m going to visit the sink station over there, clean with whatever she recommends and try everything from scratch.  What about you, Miriam?”

“My feet need work.” Miriam gazed at her boots.  “They are always sore and cracked and heaven forbid, if you saw my big toe you ‘d run me out of town. I want new feet so I can wear my sandals this summer.  As I told you, Tracy, my neigbour did a complete turnaround on her skin, once she started using these products.  And where else can you come for a free consult, free sampling, excellent advice.  Plus, they stand behind their products. And no dangerous chemicals. They make everything here in the shop. I’m excited.”

Heidi heard their pleas and returned a few minutes later with a tester tray.  She answered all of their queries and allowed both Tracy and Miriam to sample what products were recommended for their woes.  

For Miriam, Heidi recommended an all over shampoo bar (best to start at the top), the Dead Sea Salt Spa for a healthy soak, the neem salve for her toe in question and the argan neem foot cream as an all over foot regime. She also showed her the butters as another option to soothe her dry feet and highly suggested it as a head to toer.  Miriam  smelled the soap and salt spa,  sampled the cream and the salve and decided to buy the entire kit and kaboddle.  She would consider the delicious sheamu butter for next time. Tracy listened in with bated breath!

Tracy took a little longer as she did visit the sink station where she carefully cleansed with emu neem soap. After spritzing with the facial toner, she chose the tamanu cream out of the 3 creams Heidi presented . She also liked the pure emu oil and was having a hard time deciding.

Returning to the table, she exclaimed, “My skin feels fresh. Not at all dry. I am buying the soap, the toner and the tamanu cream. I’m also buying the pure unrefined emu oil for my mom who has lots of issues. After Heidi explained all emu can do, my mom is going to be so relieved!” 

The above scenario does not actually exist as presented.  We do not have the facilities to serve coffee and tea, as yet.  But we do give free consults and advise, at the shop, via email or on the phone.  Also, ask us about home parties! We would love to demo for you and your friends.