You meander by our shop.  You see an unfamiliar ‘Earth to Body’ sign.  You do not know us. You are daydreaming, but something draws you inside.  Immediately, you see the fridge display and commence looking around for sandwiches, smoothie drinks, fresh fruit.  Instead, you see small cream jars, slim sprtizer tubes, generic brown dropper bottles found usually in a pharmacy or the vitamin section of a health food store.  Somewhat confused, you continue your perusal.   It smells good, but more like a fresh garden scent than a bakery or food service.

The shelves continue to confound.  No food there either.  Different soap bars of varied shapes and sizes and wrappings.  Signs reading Castile, Shampoo/Soap, Hair Rinse, Clay-Neem, Tooth Cleanser, Mouth Freshener.

Through the open inside window and French door, you see a man working a production line.  Pouring lip balms.  Neat little empty soldiers tubes in formation ready for completion.  “I’ll be there in sec.” He calls out.  Not a bakery.  Not a deli shop.  Instead, you realize it is freshly made skin care.  On site.   You think this is most cool.

A few seconds pass and the shop attendant, chef, salesperson,  enters from the back.  “Sorry for the wait.  I was just finishing up the lip balms.  “How might I help you?”

The questions flow, the answers ensue and you learn so much.  What intrigues you the most is the display cooler.   It presents freshly made creams, lotions, oils that are perishable.  You learn that good nutrition on the skin should always be perishable.  Like a gourmet food.  It needs to be appreciated.

This is new to you.  You normally buy a face cream and never think about an expiry date.   You recently found a shampoo in a storage cupboard that you purchased two years ago.  Sudsy and ‘fresh as ever’.  So you believed.

What also intrigues you is that you can actually see the product being made.  You ask about the product production  “ You make it all here?"

“Yes, everything.  All from scratch.  All our recipes are original." 

A while later you emerge with a charcoal clay soap and an emu lip balm.   You have heard of charcoal soap.  But this one is different.  With tulsi and castor Oil. No perfumes. You have never seen soap like this.  Both items accompany you in a small brown paper bag when you leave the store.   A lip balm with emu oil.  From Australia. You feel you have travelled the world.  Food for the skin.  You now know what this means.

You plan to come back soon.  We can't wait to see you.


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