Time to recycle an article on 'TAKING COLD SHOWERS'. Even in the cold weather?


Hey, it is wintertime so what the heck. It is cold outside. Keep with the theme.

Hot showers are a luxury not available in many countries. At one time, all we had was cold water to wash ourselves in. Go back in time. Do like the caveman.
As good as they may feel, hot showers play havoc with our bodies, often making us drowsy and lethargic.


Cold Showers are the way to go.

1. You keep your body’s natural oils when showering in cold water.
2. You save time because you can’t wait to get out.
3. You feel good, alert, yet relaxed.
4. If you are a man, and you want to conceive, cold showers increase fertility.
5. You will save money as you are using less energy.
6. You inhale less chlorine in your water because you have less steam.
7. You will be one clean machine as you flush the toxins from your system.
8. If you are using commercial body washes etc, fewer toxins will have time to permeate the skin. (If you are using Earth to body products this could be a con)
9. Your mucous membranes will be stronger. Therefore fewer colds, flu, coughs, allergies.
10. You will be younger. The cold shocks your capillaries open, and as they slowly warm, the  blood rushes to flush and revitalize your organs and glands. The perfect anti-ager.

Warning: For women: If you are female and over 7 months pregnant, or menstruating, or if you are male and have just had sex, or are of either sex and are underweight, have an eating disorder, or have just had a vigorous workout, cold showers may not be for you.

You can also do contrast showering, hot then cold, then hot, then cold. You could call it the Mood Swing Wash.

If you can’t take a cold shower for whatever reason (no shower available or your hot water tap is the only one working) consider running naked through the snow.

It is all good.