A while back I wrote a blog called ‘Tireless Tamanu’  which you may wish to peruse on our website. It discloses the source, the sustainability and the certification of our Tamanu Oil.  It talks about the incredible journey of the tamanu seed by the South Pacific waves, where the seed roots and how the oil is so amazing on the skin. 

The article will remind you to always look for dark green, high quality, organic oil and to beware of scam versions now entering the market. I have been researching and selling Tamanu for several years now and it has become one of my favourite skin nutrients. Your testimonials have helped to prove that.  The title ‘Tireless Tamanu’ evolved because the oil never stops amazing me.  It is persistent in proving how nature never gives up astounding us with its miracles.

But today, I am inspired to call this following article ‘Timeless Tamanu’.

Just last week I was serving a young woman at the CNE exhibition in Toronto.  She was looking for natural acne skin care and seemed intrigued with the purity of our products.  Her acne was not uncommon for her age but she did have some scarring that she was hoping to reduce.  Of course.  Through discussion, I learned that she was using a medicated cream and a commercial soap that contains some questionable chemicals.  I showed her our calming emu neem soap and pure unrefined emu oil. I explained that most liquid cleansers contained formaldehyde and sodium laurel sulfate. Not good. Medicated creams were not feeding her skin the goodness it needed. I sensed she was on a limited budget. I suggested that the pure emu oil and the soap were a good place to start her revitalizing skin journey.

She explained, “When I came to this country, I was told my skin would suffer.  It was never this way before.”  I understood and confirmed that, “Yes, a change of climate and diet can definitely affect our skin.  May I ask where you are from?”

“Vietnam.” She said.

I smiled.  “I’d like to show you something.”   I guided her over to the tamanu oil display and showed her our new 20 ml bottle .” Our tamanu oil comes from your country. Vietnam. We are very proud of this source.”

She smiled, but looked puzzled.  She did not know it.  

“Tamanu is a tree nut oil, “ I explained,  “and is from  the South Pacific islands, like Tahiti, Madagascar, Fiji. But it also comes from mainland coastal areas like Vietnam. We chose a sustainable, organic farm there, where we were able to obtain certification as to its quality. “

I retrieved the tester and said, “You must try a drop on your skin.  It would be excellent for you.  But if you cannot afford it now, the emu oil and the soap are still perfect. No worries. I just want you to experience something from home.”

I placed a drop on her forearm and asked her to gently rub it into her skin and then to smell the unique, nutty aroma.  Intense, but earthy.

She did as directed. Instantly, her face shone in memory. "This is my GRANDMA,” she exclaimed with a smile.  “Ohhhh…when I was a little girl, and if I had an injury, or a cut, or a bruise, or anything, my Grandma wanted to rub this oil on me.  I would tell her, ‘No Grandma, I am OK.’   She would persist, ‘No, No, Van, you must apply this oil.  It will make you better.’  I remember this smell.  This is my Grandma.”

Smells, scents, memories.  In Van’s case, a positive hug from the past.  Timeless.


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