You asked for it! “Please write a blog about your antics in the world of Earth to Body. What is it like travelling all over the country?” Well, here goes!

Just getting through the holiday season is a trip in itself, as many of you well know! If you are reading this, you are a survivor. Deep breaths of congratulations.

It is over. New Year's, come, gone. Resolutions out the window.  Again.

I love the hype, the angst, the adrenaline rush of the perfect stocking stuffer, the unexpected guest, the brown spotted beans.

I bought green beans for dinner 2 days in advance.
When I split the beans on Christmas Eve for sorting and prepping, I noticed brown spots on all the beans that were NOT there upon purchase. Yikes!

My first thought was, “Omigod, I can’t serve these spotted beans on Christmas. Even the butter and pecans won’t camouflage the brown spots. The stores are closed. Christmas is ruined” (canned peas not even being an option).

Then I smiled to myself and preened, “, Yeaaah! If anyone notices (and is brash enough to comment), I shall just say ‘This is a new blend of string bean. With a new robust flavour. Wait until you try them!”

I have always been a terrible liar. But I saw the movie ‘Julie and Julia’ while flying over the Rockies and I thought, ‘if Julia Childs can pull this off, so can I.’

Once steamed, the brown speckles virtually disappeared and no one was the wiser. Sigh! I was sooooooooo prepared.

Was your holiday meal perfect, too?

I will try to keep you posted, weekly, on my travels here at 2 Lakeside and onward. The holiday party is over. The next leg of the journey begins. For me it is R&D time. Wish me luck.

I wish you the same in your endeavors. Let me know how you are doing!
Happy 2011

Martha Shannon



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