"The Monarch butterfly unites the three countries of North America in peace.
It is an ambassador of peace which requires protected areas and ecosystems that are preserved through sustainable agricultural and forestry practices.
Let us continue to work together to maintain a healthy and balanced ecosystem for all North America."
President Jimmy Carter

Our Monarchs are slowing dying and you can help save them.

 Why are the monarch numbers down? 

 Weather extremes, record high and record lows, herbicides and GMO’s , deforestation, human needs competing with monarch needs (for  food, water, shelter).

 YOU can help bring back the Monarchs. Monarchs love to plant their eggs in milkweed.  ONLY in milkweeds. Therefore, without    milkweeds, there will be no monarchs.

 As part of Earth Day, plant some milkweed. If this is not feasible, perhaps your community can initiate a planting project.

 This month, in Toronto,( and through their website), the David Susuki organization will be selling milkweed plants for only $5.00.

An intersting article about milkweeds and monarchs also lists  which milkweed is the best to grow, as there are some varieities that are preferable to others.  It lists across the USA plants and seed suppliers (Scroll down to page 15 Seed List for Canadian suppliers).