“This is Marcy, your flight attendant. May I have your attention please. 

Passengers aboard this Flight 456 from Toronto to San Francisco, we have an unfortunate delay. Our cockpit is locked and the pilot forgot his keys.  Spare keys are in transit so the delay will not be too long.  While we wait, Jason, my associate flight attendant and I, have a treat for you. We will be offering a free spritz of the lovely Earth to Body Lavender Rose Linen Spray. If you would like to partake, we will gently spray the lavender organic rose water to calm and relax you while you wait. It is non-invasive and those not wishing to indulge will not be affected. It is free of charge and a part of our heavenly experience as we prepare to head for the skies.”

This event did truly happen to a friend of mine on a recent flight from Toronto to San Fran. The pilot did forget his keys and was unable to enter the cockpit.  A scene right out of the movies. And all true.

Well, maybe not the bit about the Earth to Body Lavender Rose Linen spray. This was my wild imagination of the flight attendant giving a dig to our versatile, amazing Lavender Rose Linen Spray, which is of course, a perfect addition to the above scenario.

The keys did arrive.The cockpit door was opened.The plane soared and landed safely in California.  

Once again, my imagination allowed for the following flight attendant’s additional words towards the end of the flight.

“Passengers on Flight 456. We are about to land in San Francisco and I would like to reiterate what you have shared with us.Thank you for loving the Lavender Linen Spray. It can be purchased at Natural.ca.  Most impressive is that this spray is flyer friendly, coming in a 80 ml approved travel container. It is a wonderful aid to an enjoyable flying experience. And BTW, the organic rose water in the spray is purchased here in California and transported all the way back to Montreal. Earth to Body company always seeks the best source. 

Thank you for flying with us, for enjoying the calm flight. And rest assured, our pilot will not ever again, forget his keys.  And a reminder for you, ‘Remember your Earth to Body Lavender Rose Linen Spray!’