When you whisper ‘marula’ in an elephant’s ear, watch him smile. It is true that they do love to eat the fruit of the marula tree, but does it really make them ‘tipsy’ as legend says?  Elephants that consume fermented marula fruit from the ground sometimes appear drunk. Perhaps the fruit does ferment in the stomach, turning to alcohol. 

The elephant has always been admired. Aristotle once said ‘The elephant surpasses all others in wit and mind’. The elephant can identify languages, read our body talk, mourn their dead, mimic our voices. They can use tools to achieve a goal and their memory is extraordinary.  

The elephants seem to know the marula fruit is good for them or, perhaps they just know how to have fun. The Marula tree is a.k.a Elephant tree, Jelly Plum, Cider Tree, Marriage Tree, Cat Thorn. Native to the southern regions and western regions of Africa, the bark is used to treat fever and malaria. The roots are used to treat sore eyes. The tree’s hard wood makes excellent kitchen utensils. Have you imbibed in ‘Amarula Cream Liqueur’ made from the fruit. Or possibly experienced marula oil on the skin? 

The Oil

The oil is extracted from the kernels and is traditionally used for cooking, skin care and hair applications. Marula is used as massage oil on the face, feet and hands, and helps with dry, cracked skin. If marula oil is effective at smoothing tough leather, imagine it on our dry, cracked and aging skin. 

The highly nutritious kernels are rich in essentials needed for good health. Marula, like all fruits, contains healthy fructose, the good sugar. The elephants seem to know the marula fruit is good for them, or perhaps consuming it is just socializing. But they are onto something and we should listen. 

Marula Benefits

* is highly moisturizing because of its high Oleic acid content.
* works wonderfully on dry and aging skin
* helps repair sun-damaged skin. 
* contains Vitamin C, a potent collagen builder.
* is a light oil, fast absorbing, and has a non-greasy texture.
* is non-comedogenic (does not clog) and has anti-microbial properties which can help heal and reduce acne blemishes and scarring.

Earth to Body has an oil blend with marula oil.  Alongside avocado, tamanu and camellia, our ‘Spoil Me Body Oil’ does spoil us. It is a great all-over body conditioner, especially when you are in a hurry, because it is so fast absorbing.  

Marula.  Intoxicate your skin. Ask the elephants. They know its worth.