If you have found a skin care line that works for you, kudos. Stick with it. It is like having a job you are happy to greet each day. I tried to find the % of people who were happy with their skin. Google was confused with this request, but did acknowledge discussion on ‘one’s skin and happiness’. Our skin is our mirror. No one likes to hear, “You look tired.” If the person is a good friend and they look tired, they know it already. No reminder needed. But heaven forbid, if it is a stranger who notices.

The connection between happy, healthy people and their skin

It is true one can have a perfectly inherited skin, but the major factors: stress, environment, diet, do come into play.  Whether or not we are inherently prone to an acne, scaring, sagging, itching, roseaca, blotches, eczema, rashes, psoriasis discolorations, dryness, and the varying degrees of aging, we can definitely help any situation deemed to invade us. 

Many people just do not know how to keep the skin as healthy as possible. Short of the above listed perpetrators, what we are ‘feeding ‘ to the outside of this incredibly large organ is highly significant. We know eating right, drinking water, sleeping well, and distancing yourself from all the bad temptations are important. You have heard it all before. But you can have control in the bath or shower. How do you clean your skin? Your soap and overall cleansing method, is your portal to ‘healthier’ skin.  No matter the skin issue, your choice of soap, detergent, cleanser, body wash, gel is THE CLUE as to whether or not your skin can have any chance at being ‘happy’.  

A  smart choice is a homemade soap

Without colour and fragrance. You will be amazed at how good the skin can look and feel when it is truly cleansed and nourished with a good soap.  Some people have no idea what this means. They are young enough to have never experienced anything but chemical laden detergent bars and body gels and body washes. How sad. Others may remember how it used to be, but have been caught up in the marketing.

How to begin

Start at the top of your head, hair or no hair, with a good shampoo soap bar. Travel head to toe. No sense in pouring chemicals onto the scalp and then switching for the downroad.  You can be clean nutritiously for the entire trip.

Truly clean will not only affect your appearance, but also your demeanor. It starts with the soap. If you are wise in this choice you will be wise with what follows. That is why you must love your skin care line. Healthy skin smiles.