Pure, excellent quality essential oils
are often used both externally and internally.
Earth to Body suggestions are for external use only.

100% pure therapeutic grade

Botanical name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Main: components:
α-Pinene:  8 to 14 % Camphene:  6 to 14 %1,8-Cineole:  40 to 53 %
Camphor:  ~ 10 %
Plant Parts:Herb
Origin: Morocco
Processing Method: Steam distilled


* mentally refreshing and energizing when applied to the skin
* anti-septic, anti-inflammatory,  disinfectant
* effective for all skin types
* relaxes muscles and pain when massaged into skin

How to Use:

* A few drops in a diffuser to cleanse and refresh
* Add a few drops to our Shargan or Sheamu Butter and massage into the feet to improve circulation


* Add to a carrier oil (our butters work wonders) to massage into sore muscles and pain (adults: 3-6 drops EO per teaspoon of carrier oil) (Children: 1 drop/per teaspoon)
*Mix with a white vinegar and spritz use as a cleaning solution on kitchen and bathroom countertops.  See our all-purpose sanitizer containing rosemary.
*Mix with a carrier oil (emu, argan work well) and massage gently into lymph nodes to help detoxify.
*Wonderful on hair and scalp.  (Our apple cider vinegar rinse contains rosemary)
*If you DIY, add rosemary to facial toners, creams, lotions, soaps etc.  Your skin will glow.

Blends well with: Basil, Bergamot, Cedarwood, Lemon, Orange and Peppermint.

As with all essential oils, consult your health care professional.
Exercise caution with children and when pregnant.
Avoid contact with eyes, inner ear and other sensitive areas. 


Melanie, Nelson BC

 I am blown away by this Rosemary Essential Oil! I didn't expect to like it so much, I thought it would make me feel like cooking lamb, but nope. I feel like bathing in it. It has a hint of a Eucalyptus spa feel, and a je-ne-sais-quoi. I am not surprised at the high quality, because all of your oils are top notch... but I am hooked on this Rosemary! Thank you for adding it to your beautiful collection.

Thank you so much, Melanie. We have been hearing this, but you write it so beautifully.

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