“Nothing seems to work. I have been to three dermatologists, tried various creams and salves. Sometimes my acne clears up, but it always comes back. Once my face reacted so badly I missed two days of school! My dermatologist is recommending Pro-Active but I have heard it can be dangerous. I am so discouraged.”

Such was the despair of a young lady who entered our booth at one of the pre-Covid shows. A very typical dilemma one faces with acne or related skin conditions. Our Skin Management Program offers a chance to feed your skin good natural nutrients without the chemicals found in most programs. it is for everyone, whether the skin appears to need help or not. It is just an excellent skin care program.  We are not claiming it specifically for any skin condition, but we do say that it is clean and pure and the skin loves it.

Our young customer was apprehensive about trying the program, which includes a deep clay cleanse, a daily emu-neem soaping and emu oil, and a ‘skin manager for particularly dry spots that can be carried in purse or pocket for the emergencies. She understood that her skin might worsen at the beginning as the toxins are released. She understood that it might take a few days, or even longer to see positive results. After all, every skin is different and our genetics and diet also play a big role.

Off she went with the package, only to return two days later exclaiming,

"Is it possible that I am actually seeing a difference in such a short time! I can’t believe it. It is working. It feels clean. It feels good and looks so much healthier.
My skin feels alive."

We were thrilled for her and have added this testimonial to the many others that we receive regularly. Our Skin Management Program provides only good food for the skin.

On the other hand, it may not work as you wish, but there could be a number of reasons.  If you continue to use other commercial chemical preparations at the same time, the good nutrients in our Skin Management Program have to fight all that much harder to win. It could be a chemical shampoo, toxic make-up, poor diet. 

It would be extremely rare to have an allergy to one of the ingredients in this program and so far, we have not encountered anyone who experienced that. Skin problems can be complex. But our advice is to not combine the program with any other ingredients that you might question and to hang in there. When you feed your skin well, it thanks you.