If the fashion promotes black teeth, ask the geishas. If pearly whites are the rage, and this is the case today, we just need to ask our dentist.

Going back in history, black teeth have been fashionable. Called ohaguro, it was a custom popular in Asia, Japan, Vietnam.

To blacken the teeth:

“Mix a little acetate from iron fillings, soak in tea or apple tannin and vinegar, or sake. 

Teeth blackening has had both a fashionable and a meaningful purpose.  It can look attractive against pale white skin (again, ask the geishas). Black jewels have always been considered beautiful. Black teeth, like jewels, were praised.  In certain cultures, teeth blackening was employed at puberty, the intention being to preserve the teeth and to celebrate the coming of age. People also liked that the black teeth differentiated them from animals. An interesting ponder.

The Europeans explorers looked down upon the practice of teeth blackening and it has virtually been eradicated. Interestingly, the practice actually helped to preserve the teeth, much like todays sealants.

But who knows what the future holds. We never thought the whole world would be wearing masks, now, did we?

If teeth blackening is not your cup of tea, perhaps whitening is. It has always been the more accepted fashion.

To whiten the teeth:

The Egyptians would grind pumice stone and mix with wine vinegar.
The ancient Romans used urine.
Today, we have many different methods to attain that perfect white smile. Ask the dentist.

You might opt for the whitening strips and trays, whitening toothpastes, whitening light devices. At home or professionally done. Lots of options. Of course, you should not just jump in. Just remember to do your research first. Incorrect methods and overuse can cause irreversible damage.

Regular dentist visits may not be so regular anymore, thanks to Covid. But don’t get lax. While your smile may not be on display right now, it is still important to remember good oral care. 

Avoid pastes with artificial sweeteners, colours, triclosan, propylene glycol etc. Be wary of the advertising and the promises. A healthy natural toothpaste is preferable to most commercial ones on the market.

Brushing and flossing are pretty much a given. Choosing the right brush or floss is another challenge. And did you know that natural ways to whiten the teeth include strawberries, lemon, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide. But once again, incorrect methods and overuse can cause irreversible damage.

Be Daring: Try our Tooth Cleanser 

When formulating our tooth cleanser, the goal was a to make a blend to clean the teeth and contribute to overall healthy oral care. As for whitening…yes there are natural additions like charcoal and turmeric. Black and yellow. Go figure.

It is a bit of a trip using our cleanser and will be quite reminiscent of our ancestor’s ways, should we have that memory. You get used to it. Our feedback has been remarkable.  Check it out.