I nickname benzophenone (ben-zo-fee-non) ‘Benzo’ because it’s easier to remember. It is the longer version, however, that you will find on certain ingredient labels, among all the other hard to pronounce chemicals.

Do you have lip balm in your pocket?  Check it out. It possibly contains benzophenone?  Or maybe you read BP2, oxybenzone, sulisobenzone. If you see the ‘benzo’ part, beware.
If your sunscreen is handy, give its label a once over too.

Benzo is TOXIC. It accumulates in the body faster than we can eliminate it. To protect ourselves from UV glare, benzophenone has been added to many things, like lip balm, moisturizers, sunscreen, baby sunscreen, sunglasses.  Benzo can be added to fragrances and soaps to prevent discoloration from the UV light. O, to live in such a perfect world.

Adding Benzo for protection against dangerous UV rays may be admirable to some, but while ‘protecting us’ it also poisons.

You may read, depending on the author and selected research stats, that Benzo is Ok in small amounts and will cause us no harm. Better to have benzophenone than the UVA rays, it says.  You may also read that natural products like carrot seed or raspberry SPF’s have not been proven to be stable enough to use as sunscreen on their own.  One would have to do scientific studies to prove that and this has not happened yet. Why not?

Nature’s own science does show that oils help, but the numbers will vary, as nature is not a steady fact.  Zinc or titanium dioxide are so much better than chemical sunscreens, so if you are concerned about additives like Benzo, stick with those. I would rather wear oils like carrot, tamanu, emu, rosehip daily as SOME protection. You might like to check out our Revitalizing Eye Oil.  I wear it all over the face and LOVE it.

Are you looking for sunscreen for your grandchild? Lip balm for yourself?  Maybe something like shampoo or conditioner?  Foundation makeup?   You might want to consider choosing a product without Benzo, better known as benzophenone. Just to be on the safe side.

If you want to be sure benzo is not on your labels, visit us online, or come into the shop.  We would never consider benzophenone as an option.