A query on Earth to Body’s  ‘Tooth Cleanser’:

“How do you clean the residue of the product out of a toothbrush? “ A customer recently asked.
“I don't mind that it stains the bristles, but it's hard to get the deeper part of the toothbrush clean.  I don't know if it's OK to have residue left behind.  Any tips?”  LC, Dartmouth, NS

Our Answer:
I use a standard nail brush, now designated a ‘tooth scrubber’. I simply rub the nail brush onto my soap bar and then proceed to scrub the tooth bristles.  Then I rinse the brush well under hot water.  Comes clean as a whistle.  Even the green disappears.

It is true that our tooth cleanser can be challenging. Most commercial tooth paste, being white, will not show as much debris, but our tooth cleanser is green. Like nature. Our tooth cleanser is made with charcoal, clay, tulsi,  thus the earthy colour and texture.

Natural soap bars help the cleansing because they  really do clean and disinfect. Any pure homemade natural soap can assist in the cleansing, but NOT a detergent bar, as those have too many questionables in their ingredient listing.  If you prefer a liquid soap, it should be pure castile, the one with no lather.

Another recommendation that might be suggested is to rinse your brush occasionally in antibacterial mouthwashes.  But proponents of this do warn  that some of the ingredients may break down the bristles.  Is that not enough of an alert to stay away from commercial mouthwashes in the first place? 

Instead, a short soak in our Mouth Freshener is a great idea. Manuka, myrrh, cinnamon,  chlorophyll are  just some of the cleansing agents in the mouth freshener, working wonders in the mouth.  Your brush will be returned to pristine condition.  Our soap, cleanser and freshener make an amazing trio.

The toothbrush cleansing process is not that hard at all.  Getting used to our tooth cleanser is worth it. Keeping your mouth and brush clean is a worthwhile goal in oral care.