“My best friend lost 40 pounds since she separated from her partner. "Dead weight" she calls it. With less stress, a decrease in sugar consumption and jogging, she has embarked on a healthy track, with one problem. A bad case of acne. Fat stores toxins that can be released into the body with hormonal shifts, and end up popping up in undesirable places. Her chin received the brunt of it. Being a natural Goddess, I was shocked to find out she was using a drying chemical treatment. She pleaded "desperate times call for desperate measures". I couldn't bare her body absorbing those chemicals, so I gave her the Skin Management Program and begged her to switch over.

I also have two teenage boys struggling with puberty breakouts. I smelled something chemically coming from my fourteen-year old's bathroom, and followed the stench to a bottle that said "Charcoal" on the label. When I asked him where he got it, he said his friend gave it to him, and not to worry Mom, "it's charcoal".

His familiarity with charcoal in our tooth cleanser and soap made me smile, so he's on the right track there, but we obviously hadn't had the conversation of false advertising... or more likely, he hadn't yet absorbed my constant ramblings on the subject. The acne treatment was filled to the brim with chemicals. I gave him the Skin Management Program instead.

Witnessing a fourteen-year-old boy wearing a clay mask is an endearing sight to behold. 

It's been two weeks and all three faces beam clearer smiles every time I look at them.

My work here is done!”