We are invincible
Nothing can harm us
We trust everyone
We ask no questions
We apply dye to your skin
We lie under UVA
We jab your body
We blow it up our nose
We wear a patch
A tan at any cost

What are we thinking?


How to get a fast tan. Ask Tic Toc. Facebook. Google. Ads. 

Tanning Booths and Body Dyes are common, but now there are Injections, Nasal Sprays and Patches. So easy. And yet…so very ,very, very, dangerous. The pigment, Melanin occurring in our hair, our skin, the iris, gives us colour. Some people want more ‘colour’ than nature provides. O,  to be happy in one's skin.

Some of us may feel better and healthier with a tan. It is also scary as to what one will do to achieve it.

The natural way to tan is to say hello to the sun. We need the sun to survive. If a tan is desired, we know to be cautious. But  natural ‘tanning’ as nature offers, is not suffice for all. Some seek the imposters. The fast and easy way to darken. A dangerous decision.

The Dye

We slather on creams and lotions or use body sprays to darken our skin. This ‘glycerin derivative DHA (dihydroxyacetone) stays 2-3 days. But what are the long-lasting harmful side effects? Inhaling the DHA may cause lung cancer, COPD and asthma. The tanning itself may be uneven, your nails and hair might discolour.You might feel dizzy, faint or develop an unpleasant odour. The dye ‘fake tan’ gives no protection against the real sun. Venturing out when you already have a fake tan, gives a false sense of protection. 

The Salon

We lie under lights that emit UVA rays  or the carcinogenic UVB rays.  Prolonged exposure can cause serious skin damage. Even one tanning session can increase the risk of cancer.

The Injection

Melanin injections, called melanotan, is a synthetic, chemical hormone. It mimics the body’s natural melanin. This is playing with fire. There are 2 types of injections :Melanotan 1 and Melanotan 11, the later one sometimes known as the “Barbie’ drug. 'Barbie’ also requires 20 minutes of real sun exposure.There have been impurities found in both products. These injections are illegal in the UK, USA, Canada. But the determined can find  them online. These injections are truly scary. Side effects?  Same as the nasal spray.

The Nasal Spray

This dangerous ‘Just spray into the nose’ Tic Toc Trend has not been tested. The idea is to inhale melatonin through the nose. Moles or freckles may become larger and darker. You may end up with damage to the nasal cilia, affecting the sense of smell. Possibility of post nasal drip. Or you may  have nausea, vomiting, flushing, facial swelling, heart palpitations, difficulty breathing. Or, if male, perhaps spontaneous erections, often painful and prolonged. But this method is faster than the patch.

The Patch

You wear it. The possible side effect cites redness under the patch.  Don’t trust what they advertise and do not believe they are safe. They are not.

Is there any safe way to tan? With the imposters, NO. If you desire a tan, be cautious.  Do so intelligently. Wear good SPF oils to protect. Use Zinc Oxide as your block when needed. Avoid long exposures. Know your own limitations and 

Stay away from the impostors