Emu Oil: Unrefined

People are asking Earth to Body

What is the difference between unrefined and refined emu oil?”
“Why can’t you sell your emu oil in a spray bottle?
“Why should unrefined emu oil be refrigerated?”
“Why does ‘ unrefined’ emu oil work so much better than the ‘refined’?
“Why is unrefined emu oil more expensive?”

Good questions. Keep asking.

We sell only high quality therapeutic Australian unrefined emu oil. It is different from the common refined version readily available in health food stores and more recently, in superstores.   This is not to say all refined emu oil is identical.  It is not.  It is possible to buy some refined emu oils that are much better than others.  You have to know the source. The best oil comes from Australia.  Australian unrefined emu oil is a biologically active form of emu oil, which comes from a specific genotype of emus, raised exclusively on Australian soil.   These birds are NOT allowed to be exported.  No other country has this genotype. Their feed is free from GMO antibiotics, vaccinations, growth hormone, pesticides or chemicals of any kind.

UNREFINED emu oil is ‘polish rendered’, a process native to Australia.  This process ensures the richest omegas and Vitamin A, D, E, K and K2.  This process keeps the biological components active.  Most refining and/or distillation process completely destroy these vital active components.  The result is that unrefined emu oil performs so much better than the refined version. There are some highly refined emu oils sold as a health product.  Back in the 1990’s an emu industry started in India. By 2005 they had bred close to 2 million birds from the original 200 imported from the US.  Since this oil is no longer biological active it would not be effective as a pain reliever or medicinal product. It is also likely that this oil is from mixed and inter-bred genetics on a dubious feed regime.  The result is oil that has to be highly refined to disguise colour and smell.

Australian Unrefined emu oil is yellow in colour, not a clear white.  There is no smell to fresh oil and if kept refrigerated it can last from one to 2 years.  Longer in the freezer.    Unrefined emu oil is not only unique in its yellow colour but its texture is also different.  The high content of healthy omegas does not allow it to spray easily and when cool, it is in a soft solid.  The oil can be removed with a small spoon or spatula.  No fingers please.  Yes, more work, but outstanding results.

One can however keep a small amount at room temperature, for travel, or in a small amount at a ‘cosmetic station’ for a few weeks.  We sell emu in three different sizes, depending on one’s needs.   Unrefined emu oil does more than the refined due to its purity and the cost is higher than the refined versions.  We import it. We neither add anything nor extract anything.  We bottle it, label and sell it. We pay for a high quality oil.

For further information please see the documentation from our farm in Australia which describes the process in detail.   While Earth to Body sells emu oil for cosmetic reasons, this document describes the therapeutic values as well.