natural cure acne clay neem facial mask

Recently we received a wonderful testimonial from Jaclyn on instagram.  With permission of course, we are sharing it here.

“My grinch dreams have come true :) This clay neem face mask from Earthtobody, plus a whole foods, plant based diet is how I got relatively clear skin. I still have a minor breakout when I’m on my period but other than that I seem to have no signs of those evil pimples.

I used to get acne on my back and chest and in the t-zone on my face. If I eat anything with refined sugar or oil I will still break out. Before transitioning to a plant based diet I used to drink a lot of milk. I would say probably a litre a day. It actually sickens me talking about it. I was taught from an early age (food guide) that milk is good for me, that it has calcium to build strong bones blah blah blah. Nobody ever told me that you could get calcium from eating plants. Nobody ever told me milk from a cow is not intended for us to drink, it’s for its young just like your mothers milk is intended for you when you’re born for optimal brain health and growth. We are the only species to drink another’s milk. Cow’s milk contains hormones for their babies, not for us. Those hormones can actually react with hormones in our own bodies that can cause breakouts.

Needless to say a plant based diet and this face mask saved my life. That might be a little dramatic to some, but I’m no longer self conscious of my skin in public and can have a conversation with somebody without wanting to run away. Plus I really love how this face mask comes in a glass jar.”

Responses were positive and totally in favour of a plant based, meat and milk free diet.  Others felt that this diet, along with good skin care, helped improve their skin tremendously.

Winter weather definitely does takes it toll on our skin.  People prone to eczema like conditions often have more flare-ups in winter.  Keeping the skin hydrated, but without the drying chemicals so prevalent in commercial products helps.  Try the Clay-Neem mask and have fun blending in supporting nutrition...yogurt, avocado, honey, strawberries and more.  The mask itself will rid the skin of pollutants, detoxify and nourish. Moisturize after with a good natural oil or cream. Your skin, as your body, loves to be pampered.