I had an enlightening conversation the other day.  A new mom called about her baby’s cradle cap. As a regular customer she had on hand many of our products. She was just wondering what we might suggest.   

“The baby castile soap or the moringa soap to cleanse and then apply argan oil."  I added that an apple cider vinegar bath would also be a soothing experience. I reminded her of the great testimonials on emu oil and argan oil, both good options to try. She was thrilled at the choices.

“BTW,” she said, both my baby and my son, who goes to elementary school, love the baby neem salve. My young boy is a licker.” she explained. “The harsh winter weather adds fuel to the fire and the masking has definitely not helped. His poor lips. One day I suggested he try the baby neem salve. He absolutely loves it. It has been miraculous on soothing his lips.”

“Wow…how Interesting.” I replied. “I never thought to recommend neem for the lips.  But as the baby neem is so gentle and mild in taste, I can see that it would work.”

She added, “We have both the baby neem and the regular, which I personally love as a deodorant, but yes, the baby salve is gentler with the smell and taste. My son loves the baby neem on his lips. He puts it on before school and again at bedtime.  We send him off to school with his emu lip balm too.  He loves the balm but typical of a small boy, it seems to jump out of his pocket during play and not find its way back in.”

I thanked her for sharing.  Over the years we have received great feedback from our customers who of course continue to teach us. We know neem is a miracle plant.  Parents are using the baby neem salve for soothing many skin issues and while I never would have thought of it as a lip balm, I now know differently.

Hopefully the masks are a thing of the past or at least not always mandatory and we can allow our faces to be free.  Once the masks are less of an issue and the winter weather subsides, our skin will be thankful.  And the kiss of neem is always a comfort.