“I have used this product (Zinc Oxide Blend) for 4 years on my 4 children and myself. We love it. Never have had a burn. My Mum bought a children's sunscreen in 2016 and took the grandkids for a holiday. That "children's" sunscreen ate all four of my kid’s goggles. How can that be good for the skin? My Mum now uses Earth to Body sunscreen. It does not eat goggles." Marnie, Comox

Thanks, Marnie.  We agree.  'Goggle eating' chemical sunscreen does not sound skin safe.

Zinc and Sun.  A good combo. Summertime means sunshine, a long awaited therapy after a long winter. But care is necessary. Too much sun means sunburns.  Not fun and often very serious.  It is time to remind ourselves once again.

I met a customer the other day with severe sunburn, mostly on her left side: face, shoulder and arm.  She had worked a 4 KM ‘adopt a highway’ clean up after the winter’s debris and was exposed only on the one side.  By the time her trek shifted to the other roadside, the sun was no longer an issue.  Admirable volunteering, most certainly.  She had misjudged the sun’s intensity, a common error especially in the spring where we relish its warmth.  We soothed her skin with emu oil and then spritzed with refreshing facial toner.  She felt some immediate relief. 

Protection is the key.  ‘How to protect’ is the issue. There are some good sun protections available at the health food stores. A zinc and/ or titanium dioxide are best. 

If you are questioning the chemicals in sunscreen and the recent increase in SPF up to 100, please do some research.  Dr Mercola has a good review and suggestions on what to buy and what NOT to buy.  I would still check the labels as companies can change recipes on us.

Natural oils do have natural SPF factors but still allow the nutrition from the sun.  We cannot list any SPF numbers on the bottle or website.  They are not necessarily consistent as nature varies. By experimenting, you can find a good combination that works on your skin.  As mentioned in previous articles, I like to mix my oils.  I use a few drops of emu, tamanu and our eye oil. If you prefer creams, you can achieve terrific moisturizing and protection against weather elements with a good healthy cream, one free of chemicals. We offer our skin care moisturizer, argan moisturizer and tamanu cream.  What you do not want are chemical laden creams especially with too high an added SPF that can play havoc with the skin.  Anything over 30 is questionable. Reapplication is advisable with any sun protection. 

Know what you are wearing. Avoid any product with oxybenzone.

In Dr. Mercola’s article he quotes: “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), demonstrate 97 percent of people living in the U.S. are contaminated with a toxic ingredient widely used in sunscreens, called oxybenzone.”

We sell our zinc blend for skin moisturizing, soothing dryness and protection against harsh weather elements. Parents love it to soothe baby diaper area. Many people know zinc can be used as a sun block and proceed to do so.