Llamas love lavender. So do we. Ask them and they will tell you the smell of real lavender is heavenly. 

A few years ago, while camping in our RV and working the 18-day Canadian National Exhibition, we had to trek through the adjoining park on our way to our skin care booth in the Arts Crafts Hobbies building.

In this delightful greenspace, the llamas experienced morning moments of freedom, before being led to the Farmland building to greet the eager public.  The llamas had their beloved handlers nearby. Then the magic happened. Like a magnet.  A soft brown-faced llama attached itself to me as I made my way across the park. A mesmerizing connection. A snuggle. An indescribable traverse of space.

Unafraid and honored that the llama had chosen my neck to nuzzle, I melted into his calm.   We were one.

Why me, I wondered? My scent? My skin, my soap, my toner?  Aha! It had to be my Lavender Linen Spray.  This gentle beauty was transfixed by the scent of pure lavender.

Those who know llamas (and dogs, not cats) appreciate the connections they can have to lavender.  A gentle spritz on their coat helps disinfect, heal, reduce itching and calm stresses. 

We are talking real lavender of course.  Not the synthetic version. 

Experiencing the beauty and scents in a field of lavender is touch of heaven, but if that is not possible, choose the next best thing. Our Lavender Linen Water is gentle and calming.  A spitz elicits relaxation, calms a crying baby, is cooling on a hot day and is always a nutritious experience on the skin.

If you are wearing a lavender scent next time you meet a llama, be prepared for a snuggle.