The jury is out. The world can’t decide.

On masks: (views to date)

The Czech Republic: masks mandatory
Slovakia, Bosnia-Herzgovina, Morocco: masks mandatory
Austria: must wear a mask to enter a supermarket
New Zealand disagrees with masks and says personal hygiene is what is best
The USA recommends simple cloth coverings.  We all know Trump said he would not wear one though. But as long as Americans come out and vote, he doesn't care.
China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan: masks strongly encouraged. Hong Kong claims the spread of the virus was slowed because of the mask. Maybe? Maybe not? 
WHO: (World Health Organization)Those with acute respiratory infection or working with the ill must wear a mask. 
We are all keeping our eyes on Sweden.
Canada. It's our choice.

The debate

* The mask may do little to keep OUT the virus, although if already ill, the mask can help contain the infectious droplets 
* If the cloth mask does not fit properly, or if the person does not know HOW to wear it, the protection is inadequate
* Fiddling too much with the mask, which we may tend to do, is too much face touching and we can infect ourselves.
* If the mask provides a damp, humid environment, might this cause bacteria to develop?
* A mask can help protect the wearer

Canadians are not normally mask wearers. Perhaps when fighting mother nature (wind, snow, hail, sleet, fire, sun) we might cover up, but we generally love to show our faces. However, this is a new world experience. We are staying home. We are keeping the required moose distance. Should we be wearing masks? Many experts suggest we wear a mask to prevent others from contracting covid should we ourselves be a carrier. This a good enough reason to wear one. On the other hand, if YOU feel better protected and empowered, that too, is a good reason.

Options so far on wearing a mask:


The general public is on their own to be creative in finding an appropriate mask. Front liners must wear masks. All professional masks should be reserved for them.

Online and U tube offers designs both for the avid sewer and for the novice. Masks are being made from cotton T shirts, bandanas, old shirts etc. Recommended as best fabric choice is a tight weave cotton or a cotton/linen. Be wary of using commercial wipes* or ‘cleansing’ cloths to make your mask as they are often made with formaldehyde, chlorine, latex resins. Do you really want to breathe that in?

Applying essential oils to the mask creates an additional defense and can be calming and pleasant to smell. We offer Essential Oils, Lavender Linen Spray and All Purpose Sanitizer…your choice to spray or apply to the fabric. Use only the pure therapeutic grade essential oil. Fragrance oils are not essential oils. Make your mask experience as pleasant and safe as possible. And once on, don’t fiddle with it.


*Interesting info on wipes: Should I Make My Own Wipe