As legend has it…

A lake of healing waters became known as Manitou.
When European settlers pushed westward many of the tribes were forced to migrate from their land. Foreign diseases such as smallpox caused devastating losses. No natural medicine known to the Cree tribes eased their suffering and they were forced to flee from sure death.

Legend has it that several tribe members, sick and dying, crawled to the shores of a lake in order to replenish their thirst. By drinking the waters and immersing their fevered bodies in the cool waters, they felt great relief. Miraculously, these waters, now known as Manitou, saved them.

Manitou to the Medicine Man, means the ‘Great Spirit’, or in European terms, ‘God’. 

Years ago, one of our customers introduced us to this legend and the Salts of Manitou. We love to use Canadian resources whenever possible.   In the development of the recipe for our scrub, the salts of Lake Manitou were a must.
‘Manitouka, our scrub name, comes from a combination of the words Manitou and Manuka (the essential oil we import from New Zealand)

This November we did craft shows in both Regina and Saskatoon. How we love you, Saskatchewan Not only for your miracle Lake Manitou Salts, but even more so for your welcome, your kindness and hardy spirits in the snow and cold. You are a solid bridge to Canada's east and west.