Shampoo Bars…Ya gotta love ‘em

It’s a love affair for most.  Our shampoo bar and your hair! If you have never tried it, you should.

Our bars are cold processed soaps chock full of natural oils. (We do not make glycerin based soaps as they have less lather and are less clarifying.)
The most important factor is that our bars contain all natural ingredients.
The bar lathers nicely, unlike natural liquid shampoos. 
You can save it just for the hair, or use all over the body, face included.  Your skin will love you.
Travel is made easy.  No spillage.  It is a perfect carry- on.  A  gym locker favourite.  A camping must.
You are not polluting your body, or our waters when using an all natural shampoo/soap bar.
The bar can last a long time, especially if you keep it dry after use.  Some of our customers cut the bar in half or even quarter it. 
After use, it should be kept away from water, stored in a container or a good draining soap dish.

It is easy to use. Rub the bar onto the wet hair to create the lather. It can be left on for a few minutes or immediately rinsed off.  If you accidently get the soap in the eyes it will sting, so rinse immediately. 

Our shampoo bars contain no surfactants like SLS /SLES (sodium laurel sulfate / sodium laureth sulfate).  A surfactant degreases and gives the lather in liquid shampoos.  Surfactants may cause hair loss, irritate the scalp and cause dryness and itchiness.   They also strip the hair of its natural oils.  This is why conditioners are so necessary.

Our shampoo bars will nourish the hair and scalp. 

There may, however, be a transition period (or not) when switching from commercial shampoo to a bar.


For some, it can be up to a couple of weeks for the hair to lose the build up or the heavy, dry feeling.  This may occur if your hair is long and the build up greater, or, if you are using many styling products on the hair. A perfect time to switch to a shampoo bar is after a good haircut.  Cutting the hair gets rid of the build up from your other shampoos and stylers.
If you find that you do not fall in love with our shampoo bar right away, you might continue using a commercial clarifying shampoo on occasion until your hair adjusts.
Our favourite choice for transition woes is our apple cider vinegar rinse!  You can use this after every shampoo during the transition stage, or every few days.  Eventually as your hair is restored to its natural healthy sheen, you should use the rinse about once a week.  Do not forget that our bars make wonderful body soaps too, so it is never a wasted investment.

Rinsing in cold water is ALWAYS the best.  Be brave…slowly turn the tap to cool and keep smiling.

Earth to Body has 3 Shampoo/Soap bars  to choose from.

Basic Shampoo Bar
Regular shampoo Bar
ESP shampoo Bar


Awesome product! Must try!