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Skin Management Program PLUS

Skin management Program:

Our Skin Managament program includes 4 products:  Clay Neem, Skin Manager, Emu oil, Emu Neem soap.  It remains one of our favourite product combos and is a great place to start when switching to a truly natural product regime.

What is the  PLUS?

Over  the years we have observed that a more complete program would include the Manitouka Scrub and the Facial Toner.  These 2 extra steps in your daily/weekly/monthly routine truly enhance your skin’s nutritional experience.

If you are thinking of ordering the Skin Management Program you might consider ordering the toner and the scrub separately.   The PLUS  are extras if you wish to enhance the program.

After cleansing with the emu neem soap, simply spritz the toner onto the skin for a truly mystifying experience.  Once a week, before the clay neem face mask, exfoliate with the manitouka scrub.  (The mask or the scrub can be used on their own.)

If you wish to try the program on its own, by all means go for it.  It is tried and true.  The PLUS is an extra bonus, and  can be ordered separately.