‘14 out of 16 ingredients in sunscreen are not safe'

So admits the FDA.

We are inundated with this relentless media mantra: ‘Don’t forget your sunscreen! Summer. Winter. Wherever. Whenever you are outside.'

We know too much sun can cause burning, aging, cancer. But being led to believe dousing in sunscreen as the best prevention is questionable. Most of the chemical sunscreen ingredients have NOT been safety tested. The minerals, zinc oxide and titanium dioxide (blocks) have been proven to be the safest protectants.

SPF’s and blocks are found in creams, lotions, foundations, lipsticks. It is scary that most have NOT been approved.

How do we protect ourselves against the elements?

The safe methods include monitoring sun intake, proper clothing, sunglasses, shade, and sunscreen. But make this last choice a healthy one and reapply as necessary.

Humans have always worn oils and butters to protect the skin. Carrier oils such as shea, coconut, emu, argan. Essential oils such as carrot, raspberry, sea buckthorn.  Ads might lead us to believe 100 or 150 SPF are better protectants. Not so. While the SPFs in natural oils do not sound high, and are under 50, experts say this range, up to 50, is good and is all that is needed. Many say no to sunscreen over 50. 

Essential and carrier oils like Emu (8), Shea (4), Tamanu (20) Raspberry (40), Carrot (40) are some healthy choices. With a combination of sun protectant methods, you can achieve a safer sun experience.

Beware of dangerous sunscreen additions: Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, Octocrylene, Homosalate, Avobenzone. Google lists them all. In searching ‘recommended sunscreens’ you should be disappointed to find the ‘non-tested, not safe additives. Choose cream sunscreens with zinc oxide (being the best block) and/or titanium dioxide as these have been shown to be safe in sunscreen.  Powder or spray have inhalation concerns. 

There are some good choices. Green Beaver contains both zinc and titanium dioxide and Raw Elements has non- nano zinc. The ingredients are proudly listed up front.

Include oils with SPF, from 4 to 50 in your skin regime. Earth to Body has products containing carrier and essential oils that help against the weather elements. Check us out.

Protect yourself.  Control your sun exposure. Wear healthy sunscreen. And give kudos to nature’s gifts.