Khaki green is an earth colour, the camouflage of the warrior. Our tooth cleanser is dressed for battle. Not the usual toothpaste bright green gel, but a dull, khaki green. Maybe not the most common colour for a tooth paste, we agree. But once you understand the goal and master the usage, the khaki takes on a new meaning.

We don’t actually call it toothpaste either. We call it Tooth Cleanser, mainly because we did not want you to compare it to the standard blinding whites or neon greens or electric blues out there.

When we first made the cleanser years ago, we reminded you to check your regular toothpaste labels for SLS, triclosan, FD&C, sorbitol or the potentially dangerous titanium dioxide.  According to Health Canada, the titanium dioxide is still under study as to its safety, so it has not been banned in this country. Sadly, it is allowed and yes, it makes the toothpaste look good. 

We know you want to whiten, brighten and polish your teeth. You want to remove stains and eliminate odour-causing bacteria. The mouth is a battleground. When choosing a tooth paste make it earthy.  Nature can provide this for you. Our green really works. The cleansers are not meant to be swallowed but some will sneak on down. Make it healthy. We chose nutritious ingredients only, eco- friendly and AMAZING for the health of your teeth, your mouth AND your body. The taste is pleasant. Not overpowering.  Refreshing. 

We added clay, neem, charcoal, turmeric. We added moringa, cinnamon, amala, all of which contribute to the khaki green. 

Our cleanser creation can be a bit of a challenge to use. We provide a small spatula for removal and it is easy to pop the cleanser right into the mouth and then proceed with your toothbrush.  You will note that the khaki green creates artistic sink splatters but a warm water swish after usage is an easy habit to acquire.

A customer once wrote to tell us that our tooth cleanser had passed muster with her two boys. I was thrilled and we both decided that they probably liked it because it WAS green and messy. I asked her to thank the boys for liking it, as I knew it was a new experience for them.

Here is her reply,

“When I got my little 7-year-old guy to try your tooth paste I had prepared the brush etc. and he tried it, but I wasn't sure what would come of it. When he came home from school today, I told him that you had said thank you for trying the tooth paste. Well! He thought that was just so neat that the actual lady that made the tooth paste said that. I was just walking by the bathroom and there he was - he went in on his own and took the little spatula and scooped out some tooth paste onto his brush and brushed his teeth. When he was done he looked very happy and said to tell the lady that he did the whole thing himself this time. It just made my evening.”  Heidi M, Ottawa ON

It made our day too. Our Tooth Cleanser continues to be popular, especially among the adventurous.