Nature not only provides beauty, but also goodness.  The nutrients from fruit, nuts, flowers, leaves, bark and roots can sustain life.
While oranges may conjure up an association with Vitamin C, as do apples, papaya, kale and tomatoes, we should also remember that this renowned water soluble vitamin is found in in many other plant sources.

This amazing vitamin ( aka ascorbic acid) is not only excellent to ingest, but is also an important nourishment for the skin.  It shields the skin from damaging free radicals.** 
Many environmental factors can cause damage to our skin: over sun exposure, pollution and excess oxygen. This is why there is so much talk about the benefits of ant-oxidants, of which Vitamin C is a prime source.

At Earth to Body, we try to incorporate natural sources of vitamin C into our products.  Parsley, rosehip, rosewater, sweet orange , clove, and moringa are some. One of our favourite sources of Vitamin C is in our Facial Toner.  We add natural buffered Vitamin C to the organic rosewater base.  Rosewater itself is a great source of this incredible nutrient so the combo works.

Vitamin C helps

*firm the skin by boosting healthy collagen production
*fade red blotchy skin, reducing inflammation to regulate natural skin tone
*smooth the skin, reducing appearance of brown spots.

And did you know???

*after sun exposure, your vitamin C can be depleted, so it is a good idea to replenish the skin.  A gentle spritz with our refreshing toner does the job!
*regular skin exfoliation enhances absorption of Vitamin C.  A mild exfoliation (as in any of our oatmeal based soap) or a more rigorous weekly scrub (as in our Manitouka Scrub), followed by our facial toner is a smart move.
*your outer skin layer (epidermis) contains more vitamin C than the underlying dermis layer.  By spritizing with our toner (or other topical vitamin c product) you can replenish the vitamin C and plump up this outer skin layer.
*you can increase collagen production in the skin by applying vitamin C regularly.  Vitamin C works well with Vitamin E, so after spritizing with our toner a little emu oil or argan oil or one of creams makes a wonderful duo, as the vitamin E source in either the oils or the creams is exceptional. More info and sources.

You will maintain a healthy skin PH by using natural products.  The vitamin C will be more easily absorbed into the skin, especially sensitive skin.  Because our toner is non alcohol based, it helps to maintain a healthy PH.

(A fun hint: when you use our apple cider vinegar rinse on your hair and scalp once a week, treat your face to a little wash with the hair rinse. A multi-tasking rinse. It is a perfect cleanser and PH maintainer for the skin as well as for the hair and scalp.) 



**Free radicals are created by oxidation. In excess they will accelerate your aging and lead to all sorts of negative health problems. They are simple molecules with an electron missing.  In an effort to become ‘whole’ again they seek out other chemical structures in our bodies from where they can steal an electron. After they ‘acquire’ an electron the chemical structure/tissue from where they ‘stole’ that electron is left seriously damaged!