Wanted For: Possible Environmental pollutant, Endocrine disrupter
Probable Locations: Skin care products: creams, lotions, hair and nail care, deodorants, make-up, breast implants
Aliases: silicone, dimethicone, methicone, phenyl trimethicone, cyclomethicone, dimethiconol, dimethicone copolyol.
Suspected Peers and Cohorts: petroleum, mineral oil, lanolin
Description: liquid, to gel, to hard plastic. Generally undetectable as it is in combination with other ingredients.
Reward for discovery: Possibly healthier skin and cleaner environment

Beware of Dimethicone in ‘Skin Care Products’. Proceed with caution


Originating in the 50’s, Dimethicone or Silicone was an exciting new addition to our creams, lotions, hair products, nail care, anti-aging, promising to soothe and silk the skin. It is derived from silica (basic sand). When put through extensive chemical processing it becomes silicone, the synthetic version of natural silicon.  
At the same time. its cohorts, vaseline, lanolin and mineral oil joined the gang.
Dimethicone is added to beauty products to moisturize. waterproof, protect and smooth.  It became renowned overnight.  We lathered, slathered and virtually bathed in it. While this silicone-based polymer creates a soft, smooth feel, it also locks pores from drawing moisture from the air and releasing toxins.  This can lead to acne and irritation in some people.  Thus, one concern of silicone in skin care.

We all use silicone daily. Household, industry, construction.  Silicon is deemed non-toxic to humans and the environment, or at least ‘not very’ toxic.  This suggests caution, no? It is this maybe ‘not very toxic’ silicone aka dimethicone in skin care that I am suggesting to be on the lookout.  If you wear it, the skin ingests it.

'Toxic or not or maybe just a little? ' is a continuing controversy.
Canada deems it safe, but it is always under study.
Europe claims it is an endocrine disruptor. 
Dr. Suzuki has included it in his Dirty Dozen (chemicals to beware)

We have no concrete answers.  But for the just in case scenarios. we can suggest 

Healthy ingredient alternatives: 

Shea, mango and cocoa butters
 Argan, jojoba, emu oil soften and smooth the skin without the clogging or pores or the irritations.