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Love your hands.  Toss the liquid soaps in favour of homemade natural soap bars. Liquid commercial soap can be very harsh on the skin as it usually contains strong preservatives like formaldehyde and synthetic detergents. Treasure your homemade natural soap bar on a real soapstone dish

Our natural soapstone dish handcrafted by Ian Coffin, beautifully compliment our soaps.  Not only in nature’s colour tones, but in textures, touch and scent.  Earthy and comfortable. The gentle ridges allow excess water to drain and air circulation to keep your soap dry after use.  Soapstone is a sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand sized minerals or rock grains (50% mineral talc and 50% rich magnesium). Soapstone has a feel like touching a dry soap.

Natural soaps do require more attention. They need a dish.  The dish needs to be cleaned on occasion.  A natural soap can soften some if there is too much water in the dish, so a dish that drains is important to keep the soap dry. Real soaps have done the trick for thousands of years so the concept is not new.  Soap dishes can be very attractive and inviting.  Our soapstone dish is particularly calming in appearance and can virtually last forever.

Soapstone has a unique colour palette and artistic veining pattern.  The matte finish gives it a rustic quality and is incorporated beautifully in all home décor, whether traditional or modern.Soapstone, although a soft rock, is also dense and non-porous which makes it resistant to stains and chemical infiltrations.As the name ‘soapstone’ implies, it has softness to the touch and yet is almost invulnerable to most physical damage. It will virtually last forever. Your soap may need to be replaced, but not our dish!

We encourage you to go back to nature, which means enjoying a nutritious handmade bar soap and a natural soap dish companion.

Soap Stone soap dish 

Our soap dishes are handcrafted by Ian Coffin








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