Let’s get serious here. Itching can drive us crazy. Skin care should be a ‘pleasing arrangements of balanced parts’, a harmonious experience.  Not a scratching frenzy. Take our X pack’ trio.  It plays well together, working wonders on the skin. An ‘O Sole mio’ in the shower.  A return to normalcy.

The trio: A soap, a rinse, a cream

Christy from Toronto loves the trio: “My husband had itchy, red, painful eczema on his scalp. None of the prescription creams worked like the X pack products. His skin immediately felt better and in a few weeks the symptoms were gone. The X pack is naturally magical!”

We missed you all in person this year. But we do have the past memories.  At a Vancouver show, a young man, new 4 years to Canada, entered our booth and displayed the saddest hands I have ever seen. The right hand suffered most, but both were bleeding and cracked. I glanced up and said “You have been using Dove soap, Head and Shoulders and Cortisone cream, haven’t you?” His eyes popped, “How did you know that?”  
“Canada loves them. They are popular, but  are not for everyone.”  I empathized.

He left with the trio, promising to return in 3 days to show me the results. Sure enough a smiling convert returned  with buddies in tow. “It is the first time in years that I have seen healthy skin on my hands.”  He was beaming and even a little teary eyed. 
“While the trio works wonders, what you stopped using was just as important a step to clearing your skin!“ I said.  “Good for you.”

The ESP shampoo/soap bar is perfection in simplicity. An easy cleanse from head to toe. The favourite of all bars.

The Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse  works in harmony with the soap and is probably the best natural hair conditioner. It detangles, shines, nourishes and cleanses. It restores the skin’s PH to normal, a preventative atmosphere to skin invaders. Think of it as your self-defense.  One of nature’s true gifts.  

The cream is the pièce de résistance

“Where’s the X cream?” she cried. Please tell me you still sell it?” This energized lady was circling the booth frantic to find the cream. “I was here last year and my eyelids were so dry and itchy and you sampled me a little cream and I then ran around shopping ITCH FREE. I wear it all over my face. It’s a miracle.” she shouted.  I need more.” She left, enthusiastically, with the trio.

The X cream is not just any ‘run of the mill’ moisturizer. The Calendula, Comfrey and Black Spruce sing volumes. Black Spruce is a unique addition. Who better to ask than Canada’s own indigenous people who employed Black Spruce in many concoctions for centuries.? Well trusted and tested. 

The trio: the soap, the rinse, the cream. All made from scratch, no premade bases.  Made with you in mind. Make the X pack part of your skin’s harmony.