pure neem india natural skin care

Our poor feet.  Weary travelers that they are.
They really do get the brunt of things.
Toenail woes.  Itchy soles.  Crusty calluses.  Corns that hurt.
There are times when we tend to neglect our feet,
especially in the winter months when they are under cover.
But spring is just around the corner.  Your footwear will be much more revealing.
Look at your sandals.  Look at your feet. 

Are  you ready?  Are you free from?
Sore feet
Tired feet
Fungled feet
Itchy feet
Bumpy feet
Smelly feet
Cracked feet
Dry feet


Our argan neem foot cream was formulated years ago to help deal with foot issues.  Neem was the first ingredient of choice, but argan, rooibis, peppermint, camelia and more are especially nourishing.

Our neem salve is mainly neem made into a beeswax balm base for easy spreading.  This is what we recommend for the very dry, itchy problem feet.  Once they have improved the argan neem foot cream is great for maintenance.  Go natural.  Use eco friendly and make  ‘neem’ part of your footprint.




For many years I have had an excema-type rash on one foot. Nobody seemed able to prescribe a product that helped and I have really tried everything on the market. Then I remembered your cream. I have tried some of your products and thought that I would give the neem salve a try. Within a couple of days there was a big difference and I found relief from the redness and flaking that has existed for many years. Thanks for a super product!

You are most welcome, Gillian.  Thank you so much for sharing your neem story.  We hear great reviews all the time and are so pleased to hear that you like the salve.

I am pleased to see that you are able to obtain Neem oil. For some reason it is no longer available in Gardening stores. I used to use it as an effective safe insecticide. Am I correct in assuming that you don't have to go through Monsanto in order to obtain it? :)

Hi Maureen! Not yet.  Fingers crossed.