Written by: Margaret Baird

Dry, flaky skin seems to go hand-in-hand with winter, but there are ways you can combat the circumstances that cause these problems.

• The outer layer of your skin produces lipids, which keep the skin from losing moisture.
• Every time you wash your skin, you strip away the lipids but humidity in the air replenishes the skin.
• When the humidly drops below 60 percent (as it does in the winter), combined with indoor heating and hotter showers and baths, your skin becomes dry and irritated.

Adopting a few precautions will help to combat these problems:

• Bathe or shower in lukewarm – not hot- water, and limit your showers to 5 to 10 minutes.
• Apply moisturizers to skin within three minutes of stepping out of shower or bath to help trap in water in the upper layer of the skin.
• Protect your skin while outdoors and don’t forget your lips.
• Consider buying a humidifier to keep the humidity in your home during the winter.
• Always apply cream to your hands after washing.
• Drink lots of water; avoid caffeinated drinks

To help keep your skin moisturized and soft, Earth to Body would like to suggest the following:

Our soaps – Traditional soaps will strip away your skin’s natural moisture. Try switching to our Emu-Neem soap and see the difference. You can even use this luxurious soap on your face.
• Creams – Depending on your skin issues,  these creams will keep your skin soft and moisturized. Apply morning and night and before venturing outside for long periods.
Emu and Argan Oils *– These are wonderful moisturizers on their own or can be used as an additional emollient. For wind and sunburns use our Emu oil regularly until your skin feels soothed. (Emu oil is used in burn clinics.) For dry hair and cracked nails, Moroccan Argan oil is especially effective.
Shargan and Sheamu Butters – The ultimate in our line for dry skin care and protection. Exceptional for extra dry areas like elbows, feet and as an extra skin protection before venturing outside for a simple walk or prolonged exposure during winter sports and activities.
Emu or Argan Lip Balms – Don’t neglect your lips. Apply our creamy lip balm as often as needed. Keep one in your purse or coat pocket!
Dead Sea Salt Spa – Pamper yourself right at home! From the moment you open the jar you will be transformed. The almond oil will moisturize your skin, the lavender will sooth your spirits and the dead sea salts will ‘feed’ and replenish both skin and spirit!

*Earth to Body is proud to use both these exceptional oils (Emu and Argan) for the countless benefits they provide. Our customers, who prefer to use only VEGAN products, appreciate having the Argan Oil as an alternative to Emu Oil.

Did You Know….

• Studies have shown that sensitivity to sodium lauryl sulfate (found in almost all shampoos and many creams and lotions) increases in the winter. Try switching to natural products (like Earth to Body’s All Natural Shampoo Bars) that do not contain this harmful ingredient.
• Alcohol is a diuretic; it dehydrates the body and skin. As well, countless skin care products contain alcohol; ETB’s products DO NOT!
• Conditioned air, whether heated or cooled, is dry. Keep your house as cool as possible in the winter and use a humidifier.
• If your body is dehydrated, your skin will be too. Drinking lots of water is not as appealing in the winter as in the summer. Maintain your water intake and try hot water with a slice of lemon if you are feeling chilled.