3.5 oz


* 100% natural cold processed castile soap
* Eco friendly, vegan, travels well, non-spilling
* Gentle, uplifting lime scent
* Ideal for all ages and all hair and skin

How to Use:

 As a soap: Face and body as desired
.  Rinse


* Especially popular with children and sensitive skin

 Storage and travel:

* Store away from water, in a soap dish or container


Our Castile Coral Key Lime is also offered felted in Merino wool. See Felted Soap.



All ingredients for this product

  • Distilled water,
  • Olive Oil,
  • Coconut Oil,
  • Key lime,
  • Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)

Olive Oil (olea europaea) is rich and non-drying. is desirable in soap as it is an excellent moisturizer. It attracts external moisture and holds it to the skin, helping to prevent loss of internal moisture. (Organic)


Coconut Oil (cocos nucifera) adds additional moisturizing properties to soap and helps to harden soap. It is THE most important ingredient for rich full, fluffy lather even in cold or salt water. Coconut oil moisturizes, conditions and protects the skin.


Key Lime (citrus aurantifolia) essential oil is  light and fresh essential and is very popular in skin care products. I



Coral W., Dorval PQ. (Submitted by Russ, who works for Earth To Body. This is our first testimonial)

This soap was named after me! I am only a year and a half, but it is my favourite of all Earth To Body soaps. Ask my Dad...he makes it!

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