From Pineapple to Kale, Kiwi to Broccoli, Lemon to Sprouts, Ascorbic acid reigns.

Not only should this Vitamin C, aka Ascorbic Acid, be consumed daily, it should also be offered topically to our skin. Ascorbic acid does help reduce aging, sun damage, improve appearance of dark spots, moisturizes, cleanses.  

What is the best way to do this?

1. Rub an orange or a grapefruit directly onto the skin. Make a broccoli mask or a honey kale facial. Using the actual fruit or veggie and a DIY recipe can be a smart way to go.

2. Buy creams or serums that are specially marketed with Vitamin C.  A cream is thicker and creamier and helps keep the skin moisturized. Serums are lighter, thinner and penetrate well. Most skins can use either, or even both. 


While this method may be easier than a DIY, it may not always be the desired option.  Once again, concern is in the FULL ingredient listing. The KEY ingredients are usually understood and liked. Online, the full listing may be hard to find, but keep searching.  It is important to know ALL what your skin is about to experience.

Avoid all the no no’s …the fragrance, parabens, pegs.  etc. You may see along with the vitamin C, hyaluronic acid (HA). Unfortunately, the HA often used is sodium hyaluronate, the cheaper version and of lesser quality. You might choose another brand.


3. Spritz with our Facial Toner laden with Ascorbs! 

Made with organic rosewater, our alcohol-free toner is a masterful recipe containing Vitamin A/C/D/E and B3. We also add Vitamin C powder, which dissolves beautifully.  With additional lemon and orange, your skin is in Ascorbic heaven, and you will see a difference.

Please read the testimonials on our Facial Toner page.  While the customer may not always be aware of the wonderful Ascorbic Acid content, they LOVE the results. You will too.

A testimonial from Jenny F.

I am most impressed with your facial toner. I have NEVER found any toner to work so well, toning and tightening my pores, especially my nose. I have tried numerous products over the years and nothing even compares to the amazing results from your toner. My esthetician noticed that my skin looked clearer, smells nice, It's grounding and effective with no harsh ingredients!” 

BTW, check out our Zinc Oxide.  We add ascorbic acid to that too.