Argan Oil (argania spinosa) from the argan tree in Morocco has almost twice as much vitamin E as olive oil and is rich in anti-oxidants. It is 80% unsaturated, containing eight essential fatty acids. Argan oil also contains rare plant sterols not found in other oils.  It helps to prevent loss of moisture from the skin. We use the pure, eco-certified fair trade argan oil.  The nut seeking goats DO climb the trees!

Our argan oil is cold pressed.


The Argan fruit are mature around the month of June, and they are dried.
Dried flesh is removed using a machine.
The resulting nuts are manually crushed between two stones by women in order to obtain an intact almond.
These almonds are then slightly roasted for culinary oil only (Arganati)

Temperature: 100°C for roasting machine
30 kg of almonds need 2 hours to roast
Although raw material is heated through a roasting and extraction process, the peroxide values are definitely under international norms, as mentioned in the enclosed chemical specifications.

The almonds are then pressed through a special oil press to produce argan oil (the equipment is manufactured in Germany).

Argan oil is a kernel of argan seeds, without any additives.
It is a 100% pure natural product.

The oil is then decanted into a bottle and finally filtered in a special oil filter.

NB : Argan oil uses only the kernels of the Argan seeds. The oil contains no additives. All our products are certified by ECOCERT as organic.


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