You have a moderate to mild case of acne. Your doctor refers you to a dermatologist who suggests a benzoyl peroxide treatment plan. Doctor approved. Dermatologist recommended. What could be safer? In the past, we would never question this scenario. Today we do. Why? Because we can.

Many professionals roll their eyes when we mention Google. There is a lot of misinformation out there. Agreed. We are self diagnosing. Our stress levels are roller coaster rides. Is there any way to slow it all down? Escape the maze? Unfortunately, no easy answers. Do ask the professionals, but expect confusion. Research means going far past the first page on Google. Go deep. Get all sides.

Back to benzoyl peroxide wash…and acne. 

You are trying to decide. Here are your musings.

“So many sites say benzoyl is effective for my acne situation: mild to moderate, but NOT severe. Why not severe? What happens on severe?

“Should I cancel my trip to Florida? I am sure to get sunburned, but with benzoyl there is a warning.”

“Maybe I should stop trying to get pregnant, because with benzoyl there is a warning.”

“Maybe I should stop using my current acne medication?  It is a serious mistake anyway. But mixing may cause a conflict, because with benzoyl there is a warning.”

“I have to remember to tell everyone when I am using benzoyl: my doctor, my massage therapist, my dentist, because with benzoyl  this is a highly recommended warning. Why should they care?"

“My skin is irritated as we speak, so maybe I should wait until it clears because with benzoyl there is a warning.”

“I am also using dapsone, but if I use them together my skin may turn orange, because with benzoyl and dapsone together there is a warning.”

“I must remember to set my alarm as to how long I leave the wash on. What if I forget, because with benzoyl there is a warning.”

“My toddler is curious. They warn benzoyl is poison if swallowed. What if my son swallows my benzoyl wash???  Is this a serious poison alert?  

"IF I am going to react to this benzoyl peroxide wash, it should happen within minutes to 24 hours of use. Should I take the chance?  No one has died apparently yet, but they say 44% of people who reacted had to go to hospital?  Who will take care of my baby?  Is this warning meant for ME?”

“So much to think about.  So much to consider. My new friend keeps talking about my giving up all acne medication, to stop eating my beloved but ‘addictive’ junk food, and to find more natural skin care. He says there are healthier ways to achieve better skin. He mentioned a company called Earth to Body…maybe I should consider this option instead.”

We think you should. 

Our natural and effective solutions are...

The Skin Management Program

Facial Toner

Manitouka Scrub