Is it the odor or the sweat that bugs you the most? 
If it is the odor, you want an anti-odour a.k.a. deodorant. 
If it is the sweat, ouch! Be forewarned. Wanting an anti-perspirant to BLOCK the sweat glands could get you into trouble. 

Sweating is a good thing. It regulates your body temperature. Whether it is just hot outside or you are working out, sweating helps to cool you down. If your body is prevented from doing what comes naturally, like sweating, you could end up with skin rashes, feeling dizzy, faint, or worse.

Your kidneys are not supposed to produce stones, but they may just do that if you don’t sweat out the excess salt and calcium. If you have ever accidently tasted a sweaty salt droplet, you know your body is working. 

Sweating also helps to prevent acne, opening up the pores to release toxins. 

But sweating does not have a history of being revered, especially for woman. In order to successfully sell anti-perspirants, companies convinced the masses that sweating was not feminine and that men did not find ‘perspiring’ women attractive. One famed 80’s Gillette antiperspirant ad, directed to the female consumer, toted the slogan  ‘Never let them see you sweat’.  

Times are changing. We are encouraged to work out. Sweat is not the enemy and anti-perspirants are NOT your best friend. Anti-perspirants block your pores because they contain the metal aluminum, a neurotoxin linked to Alzheimer’s dementia and breast cancer.

We are becoming very aware of the dangers of aluminum  aka known as aluminum chloralhydrate or aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly

Some antiperspirants also contain synthetic fragrances, further risking birth defects and damage to liver, kidney, lungs. Once we learn to accept the sweat, we need only to control the odor. Safely and effectively  of course. Mineral salts are popular and sold in drug stores and health food stores. Popular DIY deodorants, blend baking soda, arrowroot, coconut, different essential oils. Our Anti-Odour Lemongrass bar contains essential oils like manuka, oregano and lemongrass, but also neem, the master of anti-odor. Or another choice is to use our Neem Salve as your anti-odour.

As for anti-sweat.  Not a consideration.