Squeeze the Colgate. Brush the teeth
Covergirl dark on eyes beneath
Revlon the lips, a kiss so sweet
Apply Estee cream. It can’t be beat
Maybelline the lash, a divine allure
This routine?  It is less than pure

How much more can the skin endure?


You may have just drowned in siloxanes.  

SILOXANE. “Is that the same as silicone?”, you ask? 

Similar yes. If you have never heard of siloxane, now you have. Beware. Be glad that you are reading this. It may be in your fast or processed foods, packaging, toothpaste, deodorant, soaps, detergents and cosmetics. A siloxane is sometimes commonly called silicone, although chemists would argue that.  Both are synthetic, man-made polymers, although a siloxane is made in a milder form and thus preferable in conventional  products. Of course, if we had a choice, neither is acceptable.

Silicone is used more in industry, but it is unfortunately still in products that go on or near our bodies. It should never be ingested. Tell that to those who have had silicone implants (breasts, buttocks) or silicone lip injections. Tell that to them after they have accidently leaked or burst open and serious health issues ensued.

Neither silicone nor siloxane is safe 

How to Avoid SILOXANE

On labels: Especially cosmetics and sexual products: Look for ‘siloxane’, ethicone’, silane as suffixes. Names: ex: cyclotetrasiloxane, dimethicone, triethyoxycaprylylsilane
When buying sunscreen choose non-nano (silanes can be used as coatings for nano-sized mineral sunscreen like zinc oxide (Our Zinc Oxide Blend is non-nano BTW)
Add siloxanes to your ever growing BEWARE list when out purchasing products.  Do not listen to those who argue that siloxane is safe in moderate doses?  Whatever does that mean? And how can it be measured?  If you use 10 products every morning in your wake-up cleansing routine, is that amount considered moderate?   Or is it a deluge of poison? 
Not only are our bodies affected by siloxanes(hormone level disruption and fertility levels), but also our environment is altered.  Siloxanes do not entirely dissolve when washed down the drain.  One small change that you can make is to use all natural shampoo soap bars rather than liquid siloxane containing commercial shampoos.
If everyone made even this one small change, it can reduce the toxic harm on aquatic life too. Make changes. Go natural.