manitouka scrub

Treat your face to an Earth to Body Facial.

1 Soap: Wash your face with any of our soaps (yes, it could be the shampoo bar). Favourites for the face are the emu neem or the argan tamanu. If you use the Nori Neem, be gentle and do not rub, as it contains pumice.

Facial Toner: Spritz gently onto the skin. Do not wash off.

Manitouka Scrub: Mix the oil into the salts if it has risen to the top. Scoop a small amount of the salt blend, using the spoon, onto the palm of the hand and then GENTLY apply to the face.

Using a circular motion, rub the salt blend into the face (and neck if desired). It should take about a minute. (The salts can be used anywhere on the body). Rinse off.

Clay- Neem Mask: Mix a small amount of the clay and a liquid (water is fine) in a glass or pottery dish, until you have a mud-like consistency.

Gently apply to the face, avoiding the eye area. It will dry after several minutes. When dry, the skin will feel tight and you will be ready and wanting to wash it off. This is done easily in a shower. If it is your first facial and your skin is sensitive, do not leave on more than a few minutes as your skin is not used to this deep cleanse.

5 Facial Toner: Spritz once again gently onto the skin. Do not wash off.

6 Cream or Oil: At this stage, you will want to moisturize. You can use the pure Argan,  Emu or Tamanu oil or you can choose from any of our face creams: Tamanu CreamSkin Care Moisturizer (contains emu), or our Argan Moisturizer.

It is really a matter of preference once you feel the creams. They are the same base of calendula, comfrey, jojoba, etc., as we make the base ourselves (we NEVER buy pre-made bases). The differences come in the carrier oils: Argan,  Emu or Tamanu oil . The Tamanu uses palmarosa and camellia instead of lemon and evening primrose. These small changes slightly alter textures and smells, but all are subtle. The nutrition is excellent in all of the creams.

If you need further advice as to specific skin issues, you can email or call us or comment below.