Staying home is the New Way. We need to make the best of it, honey.

Honey soothes.
Mix honey and water and you have hydrogen peroxide. This mild skin antiseptic soothes skin irritations.

Honey rejuvenates.
Your skin loves honey as it encourages new cell growth.

Honey exfoliates
The gluconic acid in honey safely loosens your dead skin cells, thus honey is a gentle exfoliant. It also increases elasticity, balances out oily skin, stimulates collagen and minimizes those fine lines and wrinkles. Honey, you look marvelous!

Honey moisturizes.
Honey attracts water, making it an excellent humectant. (i.e.: retains moisture)

Honey reduces free radicals.
This means honey helps to prevent cellular damage and aging.

Honey circulates the blood cells.
You will have beautiful, healthy skin.

Honey is best RAW!
When honey is pasteurized, many of honey’s intriguing properties are lost.

While you are home, spoil yourself to a honey facial mask.

2 Tablespoons raw honey
1 Tablespoon French green clay*

*(our clay neem with oatmeal makes it even more special)

Other nutritious options
A drop of your favourite essential oil
A mashed banana (your skin will love the banana’s vitamin A)

1. Mix together the honey and French green clay
2. Add your favourite essential oil if desired (lavender or frankincense or tea tree are exceptional in a facial)
3. Add a small amount of water to thin it out if necessary. 
4. Wash your face with a real soap. Pat skin dry leaving it slightly moist
5. Apply the honey clay mask mixture all over the face and neck (if desired). 
6. Relax for 10-15 minutes. 
7. Rinse face with warm water.

BTW, we add Lemon Honey from Heavenly Honey to our Tooth Cleanser to further enhance the nutrition necessary for a clean mouth and teeth.  Honey’s naturally anti-microbial properties are essential to the body’s portal to good health. 

We also add Manuka from the Manuka plant in our Manitouka Scrub and our Anti-odour Bar.  The Manuka honey, based on the renowned Manuka flower (thank you bees) is being studied for use in many hospital situations around the world. That’s the miracle of honey.

If you want excellent honey, shop locally. Visit your market this summer and buy natural honey.  If staying home is the preferred option you can call or order online to a local retailer. 

Let us know how honey works for you!






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