Aaron has a cough and fears a cold is coming on. His throat is drawing attention. 
“You best try antibiotics for that cough” a friend suggests.

“I prefer to use honey first. I believe antibiotics are actually NOT the best for a viral infection like a cough.  Are you familiar with Manuka?” he asked.

When Aaron arrives home, he retrieves his honey from the cupboard and swooshes a small spoonful around in his mouth, encouraging a slow swallow to linger on his throat and calm the cough.


Manuka is in the Tea tree family” Melaleuca alternifolia , native to New Zealand. Manuka is actually 33 times higher antibacterial than the renowned and excellent Tea Tree.

The honey is made by the bees that pollinate the manuka tree. All Natural. Pesticide free. It was over 5 years ago that the UK proposed guidelines recommending the use of honey as a first line treatment for a cough. Honey is naturally anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and is especially renowned for treating coughs. Manuka honey is considered the best.  Arron knew that and he had purchased a high-quality medicinal grade manuka honey.

We do not sell the honey (it is available in good health food stores) but we do use Manuka oil. The Manuka plant’s twigs and leaves produce the legendary manuka oil. It is just beginning to be known world-wide. Earth to Body imports this oil from New Zealand and we add it to our Tooth cleanser, Mouth Freshener, Manitouka Scrub, Anti-Odour Lemongrass and All-Purpose Sanitizer. All natural, unique recipes.  We have amazing feedback and we are thankful to manuka.

And do remember the honey.  Aaron’s throat is feeling better already.