Did you know?

Oats are seriously one of the best foods for your heart
Consuming oats helps in Diabetes 2
Biotin for the hair and nails is highest in oats
The beta-glucans in oats helps improve our immune system

And the list goes on. Western movies, called ‘oaters’, originated from the fact that the cowboys fed oats to their horses. Lucky Broncos. Oats were one of the earliest crops ever harvested by humans and were known in China over 7000 years ago. Ancient Greeks made an oatmeal porridge and we should be doing that too. Several times a week.  If you have not had oats in a while it is time to rethink it. I love steel cut oats cooked with raisins and topped with a good yogurt or almond or coconut milk and fresh fruit.

But I also love oats on the skin.

Because we make natural skin care, we are always formulating nutritious recipes with nutritous foods.  It is not a surprise to find oats in several of our concoctions.  Our best selling Emu Neem Soap, Argan Tamanu Soap (the vegan version of the former), Nori Neem soap, Irish Stout Oatmeal soap and Clay Neem treatment.  We use Red Mills gluten free oats.

Oats nourish, replenish and adore feeding the skin. Oats moisturize, soak up excess oils and contain an antimicrobial agent which inhibits the spread of bacteria. Oatmeal is a naturally perfect exfoliator and at the same time helps to reduce skin inflammation. It should be essential in skin care. 

If you are unlucky enough to contact poison ivy, hives or have an eczema outbreak, make an oatmeal bath by adding about a cup of ground oats (blend into a fine powder in a blender) directly to the bath water, or if you prefer, seep a bath bag of whole oats in warm water and soak.

Don’t have a bath?  Or prefer a shower?  Make an oatmeal bath bag (if you make several, they can be frozen for future use) Add a drop of your favourite essential oil to the bag if you like.  Grate up your favourite natural soap to make a sudsy and extra soothing massage).  Any of our wonderful soaps work great.  Wet the bag and massage gently on the skin in the shower. Can be dried and used again.  Several times.

Or make it simple. Just enjoy one of our oatmeal soaps on its own.



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